Journalistic Etiquette

Acceptable and recommended behavior:

  • Always be respectful, treat others with patience and in a welcoming manner
  • Take the necessary precautions before posting or publishing a piece of news or a press release
  • Abstain from insulting, biased and hateful speech and personal conduct
  • Treat your colleagues and the rest of the staff with the same professional courtesy
  • Have our readers’ interest at heart, seek newsworthy content
  • Refrain from publishing or posting news stories of a personal nature

Unacceptable behavior*:

  • Treating others disrespectfully and in a violent manner
  • Using biased and hateful behavior and speech
  • Insulting members of the staff and/or readers
  • Publishing or posting news pieces or press releases of a demeaning nature that affects an individual’s reputation and integrity
  • Publishing or posting low-quality, tabloid-like news content
  • Repeatedly disregarding Global News Elite’s journalistic etiquette guidelines

* Failure to comply can result in immediate expulsion and can lead in certain circumstances to legal action against the perpetrator