Novature Group Reopens Balanced Equity Fund to New Clients


Equity fund reopened to new accounts

Associated Press May 2, 2016 – Hong Kong – Novature Group is pleased to announce that the Balanced Equity Fund (the ‘Fund’) has been reopened to new investors and accounts.

Established in 2010, the Fund was closed to new clients in November 2011 in order to secure investor’s assets while the markets recovered from the global financial crisis. The Fund aims for increased present income consistent with balance of principal, with the goal of expanding revenue flow and achieving a low equivalence compared to international equity markets.


The Fund utilizes multiple strategies to achieve its investment goals consistent with the company’s considerations on shifting market dynamics. Likewise, the use of preferred allocations in line with present market dynamics increases the Fund’s investment scope.


“Since the Fund was created we have used a balanced approach to address shifting market conditions that can negatively affect client portfolios. We have consistently analyzed market opportunities that reflect the fund’s strategy and investment objectives. Right now we consider that reopening the Fund is the best interest of existing investors. Likewise it will enable Novature Group to benefit from broader opportunities and enhance its client base” said Arvid Bjorklund, Chief Investment Officer at Novature Group.


About Novature Group

Novature Group’s approach towards investments was established upon the consideration that long-term perspectives are required in order to produce sustainable profits. Working on behalf of our investors and improving their financial situation since 2010 has taught us that our founding principle defines our activities and operations today just as it has since our inception, namely securing our clients’ trust by increasing their capital as if it were our own.

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