Novature Group donates $75,000 to the Open University of Hong Kong

Company’s most ample school donation aims to support graduates.
September 2, 2015 – Hong Kong –  Reuters


Novature Group has announced today a donation worth US $75,000 towards the Open University of Hong Kong. The donation is the largest private charitable offering to the University and will be used to fund future postgraduate programs.

“The future of our industry is dependent on bright individuals receiving a proper education and having access to quality resources,” said Edwin Shangguan, Executive Vice-President of Novature Group. “We are glad to support the development of higher education in Hong Kong and to offer graduates future opportunities for career development.”

The funds will be used to help expand the current curriculum and improve educational resources for local as well as international students alike. Novature Group will also offer undergraduates the opportunity to take part in its yearly summer internship designed to offer students valuable knowledge and experience in the financial industry.

“Regardless of industry, profession or activity, tomorrow’s innovations will be achieved by today’s students. We hope that this donation will be helpful for the next generation of professionals and we would be glad to welcome at least a few of them to join our ranks in the future.”

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Novature Group’s approach towards investments was established upon the consideration that long-term perspectives are required in order to produce sustainable profits. Working on behalf of our investors and improving their financial situation since 2010 has taught us that our founding principle defines our activities and operations today just as it has since our inception, namely securing our clients’ trust by increasing their capital as if it were our own.

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