CES 2014: Samsung Smart Home aims to connect devices

January 5, 2014 BBC

Samsung has announced a system to link together a household’s various gadgets, appliances, and utility controls.

It said one way the Smart Home service could be used would be to turn off a home’s lights and TV if the owner said “going out” into a smartwatch app.

Samsung said the service would initially be limited to its own products, but added it planned to support third parties’ devices in time.

However, one expert doubted the firm’s rivals would support the idea.

“Samsung is the most aggressive competitor that exists,” said Martin Garner, who covers connected homes technologies for the consultancy CCS Insight.

“So, why would another manufacturer want to use its platform?”

The South Korean firm will show off the technology at its booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) when it opens in Las Vegas on Tuesday,

Other companies are expected to demonstrate competing visions at the event.


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